Moment Lens Mount Plate+Thumb Rest Buttons
Moment Lens Mount Plate+Thumb Rest Buttons
Moment Lens Mount Plate+Thumb Rest Buttons
Moment Lens Mount Plate+Thumb Rest Buttons
Moment Lens Mount Plate+Thumb Rest Buttons
Moment Lens Mount Plate+Thumb Rest Buttons

Moment Lens Mount Plate+Thumb Rest Buttons


Shuttercase V1 for iPhone XS/X could be coupled with the XS/X Lens Mount V2 to be compatible with Moment lenses.
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Each lens mount pacakge includes 2 thumb rest buttons

Shuttercase is based on a modular design.  The interchangeable lens mount,  removable camera handle, thumb rest buttons and replaceable leather cover are all part of the system. 

Here we offer the Moment ( M ) lens mount plate and Thumb rest buttons for Shuttercase XS Max/XS/X. 

The current Shuttercase XS Max and Shuttercase V2 for XS/X are embedded with the M mount already.  If you are a Shuttercase V2 user, you don't need this. If you are Shuttercase V1 user,  you could upgrade your Shuttercase by this new V2 lens mount.

Please watch the illustration video here on how to replace your lens mount.

Shipping Within 3 to 5 working days to North America, 5 to 9 working days worldwide.

Each package contains1 lens mount, 2 thumb rest buttons, 1 replaceable leather cover.

Shuttercase Moment Lens Mount for iPhone XS Max/XS/X

We have re-designed the lens mount for the second generation Shuttercase for iPhone XS Max and XS/X.  The main upgrades are:

1) The curve lines of the oval are NOT joint at the end as in the 1st generation.  Instead, the lines are stretching towards a dent on the main body.  The dent makes more room to mount the add-on lens on the second iPhone lens. 

2) We use a different material to make the lens mount.  Now it's more robust, more resilient.   

3)  We have changed the lens stop from hard plastic to metal.   

4) The brand logo "S" is made by metal now, which makes it more stylish.

5) The lens mount is compatible with Moment lens ( the M lenses ).  XS Max orders since 22-April-2019 use this new lens mount and a new body. XS/X V1 version users will be able to purchase the lens mount from 6-July and we will start delivering from 12-July.

And, Yes, you can use the new lens mount on the Shuttercase V1 for iPhone XS/X body. That could actually be a budget choice. Please do take a look at the illustration photos here on what it looks like.

Manual Downloads Moment Lens Mount Plate+Thumb Rest Buttons
Download Moment Lens Mount Plate+Thumb Rest Buttons manual
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Dan P.
United States United States
So close...

This is **** a cool case, and very close to being a daily carry instrument. The only things keeping it from constant use are: 1) the battery pack does not have a pass through port, as the Apple battery case. I can't give up a port just to charge. The charge cable can be removed, but then the cable just hangs free unless battery is removed/reinstalled. Battery use is not a secondary auX, it's primary for most heavy camera users. A simple battery case aka mophie would have been a better setup for me. 2) The thumb support covers a small part of the screen. 3) If one were to drop the phone on its face, or where the top frame is uncovered, there doesn't seem to be much protection, ...and lastly, Moment's lens mount system lacks longevity. One little piece of laser welded metal won't withstand many removed/reinstall kg s of the lens. In summary, this is a novel case designed with a unique shutter button mechanism - but not up to daily use spec for those who would like to replace a real camera. Some new ID could solve many issues but it would drive up the BOM cost about ten dollars or so,

A Shuttercase Customer
Joel W.
United States United States
Wanted spare parts

Whenever I purchase a product that I see myself getting a lot of use from, I make sure I have spare parts. The Shuttercase is one of those products.

United States United States
Great quality

Just started using and the build quality looks good. Nice fit on the phone., Think this would be a great addition to anyone with a smartphone. Great job.

A Shuttercase Customer
Martin T.
Australia Australia
All good now as my Shuttercase is complete again.

Very speedy and generous service from Shuttercase! They sent me two in honoring my warranty. Good on ya SC!

Jose R.
United States United States
Customer service.

I am amazed at how fast the customer service was. Also their products are amazing. Look forward Tim purchasing again