Our Story

"I used to carry my old film camera Nikon FM3A with Kodak Trix wandering on streets all day, and fumble with chemicals in the darkroom all night. However, after becoming the father of two children, I gradually lost those long leisure hours for films. I turned to digital and found iPhone to be my best pal. But I hated the inconvenience of modern smartphone as a shooting tool, with both hands and fingers pressing around on the touch screen. Just so unnatural. I wanted to hold and shoot like my good old Ricoh GR. With this idea in mind, bit by bit, I began to develop the concept of Shuttercase.


In 2016, with friends and engineers, we started the design, simultaneously by two teams, one in the US and the other in Sweden. We went through 8 drafts, eight versions of prototypes, countless trial and errors, drawbacks, and failures. We even had to cancel the project in 2017 due to high cost and unforeseeable market prospect. It is not until September 2017, with the introduction of iPhone X, that we saw the perfect timing come. We re-activated this project. iPhone X is such a game-changer in smartphone photography that we decided to go all into it. After a year’s collaborative hard work, we can’t wait to show you what we have made.

Nowadays, I still return to darkroom from time to time - nothing renders light like black and white film. And I carry my iPhone X equipped with Shuttercase all the time. As the old saying goes: the best camera in the world is the one in your hand. I hope you will enjoy this tool as much as I do, as a passionate amateur, always curious, always ready to discover and capture the beauty of this wonderful world."


Designer & Co-founder of Shuttercase