Q: Which smartphones are you compatible with?

A: Currently we have made Shuttercase for below iPhone models: iPhone Xs, Xs MAX, iPhone X, iPhone 7Plus and iPhone 8Plus

Q: Do you have plans for Android phones cases?

A: We totally care about Android users, which we understand are the majority part of the smartphone users. Shuttercase uses a sophisticated structure design which makes it very costly to build a new molding for any case. We just have to develop the case one by one. We will definitely develop compatible cases for Samsung and Pixel in the near future.

Q: Why can’t I fully charge my iPhone X from 0% to 100% by the battery camera handle?

Q: The battery grip is 3000mAh, and iPhone X has a battery of 2716mAh. Why can I only charge around 70% of my iPhone X by the battery?

A: There is inevitable power loss during the transition from the 3000mAh battery to your phone’s battery.  Our standard is to make sure our battery charge 70% of an iPhone X while not in heavily using status. If the phone is being used while in charge, the ratio might be lower depending on how you are using it.

Q: Can I use my phone while charging it?  

A:  YES. You can use your phone to continue the shooting process while charging it. The battery grip will become a little bit hot during this process, but we have embedded a protective IC inside to avoid any possibility of any damage.

Q: Can I still charge my phone or use the headphones/aux cord while using the case?

A: Yes and No, two scenarios.  

Yes: you can still use the case while charging it by Shuttercase battery grip.  But you can’t use an AUX cord to connect to the same lightning port at the same time. If you are just using the case without battery grip charging at the same time, then sure you can plug the AUX cord of your headphone to the lightning port. 

Of course, you can always use Bluetooth earphone when using Shuttercase, no matter in charge or not. Shuttercase uses a mechanical shutter button, so it doesn’t take your Bluetooth channel.

In short, important to remember that iPhone has canceled 3.5mm headphone jack. Only a single lightning port is available. You can only plug in one cable/chord into that port.