Zencase Lite for iPhone 12

Turn your iPhone into a mirrorless camera: Shuttercase

The World's 1st iPhone Case with Unique Shutter Button, Removable Camera Handle, 3000mAh Battery Embedded and Moment Lens Interface

Our Passion

Shuttercase is made out of love by photo-hobbyists who are engineers, for photo-hobbyists who shoot smartphones. It takes us 20 months of research and design, 8 versions of making and remaking prototypes, days and nights of discussions and brain-storms, to finally bring a faint sparkle in the mind to a solid tool now in your hand. We care what we create.

Our Vision

We believe that you can do more with your phone. We have crafted Shuttercase to mimic the shape and feel of classic 135 cameras, a design that has been perfected over decades. We add battery inside the camera handle so that you'll not worry about a shortage of power in shooting. We make taking photos by phones like a real camera, more convenient, more comfortable to control, and free to create.

Made for Pro

Embedded Mechanical Shutter Button enables you to shoot like DSLR.

Jack Hollingsworth iPhone Photographer | Ig@jackhollingsworth

I continue to be a fan of the Shuttercase for my iPhones. I shoot with 3 iPhones and have this case on all 3 phones. It just feels right!

Jeven Dovey Filmmaker & Adventurer|Youtube@JevenDovey

 I really like this case for a couple of reasons: this battery grip makes it a lot easier to shoot. It's nice and easy to hold, and it's got a place for Moment lenses so that you can tie on a bigger lens. It definitely has good uses for those of you who are shooting Youtube content only using your phone. 

Greg McMillan iPhonegrapher @mcmillan_photo

I loved the solid construction of the case body and the extra shooting time I get with the battery pack is invaluable. The engineering behind the shutter mechanism is nothing short of genius.  I highly recommend this case to any iPhone photographer looking for extra shooting time and a new way to hold your mobile camera comfortably.

Rob Layton Mobile Journalism Educator & iPhonegrapher@Rob_Layton

Shuttercase ticks my most important box when considering a new iPhone accessory – it helps improve my photography. That is achieved through the ergonomically designed handle, which feels very natural and comfortable, and allows me to shoot with one hand. Having the handle double as an additional battery is a bonus.

As Featured on Media

" What makes the Shuttercase so unique is that it comes with a built-in battery grip that is a lot similar to the ones we see in traditional professional DSLRs and some mirrorless camera systems.   Ideal for social media influencers and digital content creators, or just photography lovers, the Shuttercase is an engineering masterpiece that transforms your smartphone into a professional-looking camera. It’s not a DSLR, but it’s far better than a point-and-shoot."  https://www.gearhungry.com/shuttercase/

Article by JORDAN CARTON from Gear Hungry

Editor's Rating: ★★★★★

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